General Paediatric Surgeon

Clinical Interests

Guin is a general paediatric surgeon caring for neonates through to teenagers. She has an interest in the minimally invasive approach in paediatric surgery and undertakes procedures laparoscopically or thoracoscopically whenever possible.

Background and Experience

Guin trained at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, then travelled with her family to the Netherlands for a three year fellowship period focussing on neonatal surgery and the laparoscopic approach in children. Guin also consults and operates at Cabrini Children’s Centre and Knox Private Hospital. Her public appointments include Monash Medical Centre, the Angliss and the Northern hospital.

Practice Philosophy

Guin’s focus is on reducing and minimising the impact of illness on children and their family wherever possible, hence her approach to minimally invasive surgery and focus in developing in this area. She understands the concern and stress placed on parents, carers and siblings when a child is sick and works with a team of allied and other medical professionals to help both sick children and their families cope with the issues they’re facing.