What is Paediatric Surgery?

Paediatric surgeons are specialists trained to expertly operate on babies, children and adolescents. We perform surgery on kids up to the age of 16, and for some conditions up to 18 years of age.

Our field of surgery includes most areas of the body, with common areas of concern including hernias, the appendix and other abdominal complaints, the genital area and testes, and lumps or skin lesions. Many of the conditions we specialise in are conditions only seen in childhood, and many conditions seen in both children and adults are looked after differently in children. This is why, if your child requires surgery, your family doctor will refer you to a paediatric surgeon.

Paediatric surgeons understand having surgery can be a stressful event for children and their families. When operating, we put the child and their family’s comfort and wellbeing at the centre of our practice. Our teams specialise in caring for children pre, during and post surgery to ensure a safe and smooth journey through the hospital system.

Many of the conditions for which your family doctor refers you may not need an operation. Your paediatric surgeon will explain whether or not an operation is required at the time of your consultation at the clinic.


Our Paediatric Surgeon:

Dr Guineva Wilson