Dr Debbie Lenko



General Paediatrician

Clinical Interests

Debbie is a General Paediatrician who is experienced in managing both complex medical conditions as well as common paediatric problems. Debbie has a strong interest is helping families navigate and work through developmental and behavioural problems such as learning difficulties, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, difficult behaviour and anxiety.

Background and Experience

Debbie graduated with honours at Monash University, Melbourne. She has over 10 years of experience working in Paediatrics with most of her training being through The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Melbourne as well as Monash Children’s Hospital Clayton. She has worked across several departments including General Medicine, Developmental Medicine and The Centre for Community Child Health. Debbie has worked in specialist clinics at the RCH including Chronic Fatigue, dermatology, general medicine and allergy. In 2018, Debbie travelled to the Northern Territory and spent a year working at The Royal Darwin Hospital. During this time, she further developed her skills in medical areas such as infectious diseases, respiratory problems and growth issues as well as developmental issues such as learning and attention problems. Currently she also works at North Richmond Community Health and is an honorary consultant at RCH, Centre for Community Child Health.

Practice Philosophy

Debbie is passionate about caring for children in order to help them reach their potential and grow into confident and happy adults. Debbie understands that Paediatric care requires a holistic, team-oriented approach where doctors, allied health, families and schools work together in order to achieve best outcomes.

As the mother of 3 young children, Debbie knows from personal experience both the challenges and the joy that comes with parenting. She understands that every child is unique and have their own strengths that can be nurtured. In addition, as a parent and as a Paediatrician Debbie believes that human health is dependent on the health of the environment and advocates for a safe, stable and healthy environment as a necessity for present and future generations.