General Paediatrician

Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrician

Clinical Interests

Talia is a developmental paediatrician who trained in the field of Community Child Health. She enjoys helping children and parents manage difficulties related to getting through every day life e.g. continence, toileting, sleep and behaviour, and can assist with concerns regarding growth and development. Talia sees children with neurodevelopmental differences ranging from autism, ADHD and learning difficulties to complex physical and intellectual disability, and also has a special interest in allergy including allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema and food allergies.

Background and Experience

Talia completed her medical degree at the University of Melbourne and her internship at St Vincent’s Hospital. She has been working in paediatrics since 2004, based at the Royal Children’s and Monash Hospitals, and completed a Master of Public Health at Monash University in 2014.

Talia currently works in a community-based general paediatric clinic at Monash Children’s and in the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Developmental Medicine outpatient clinics. She has experience working with multi-disciplinary teams in speciality clinics, including autism assessments, spina bifida and managing care for children with complex disabilities.

Practice Philosophy 

Talia sees her role as providing holistic care to children and their families. Her aim is to help children become happy and fulfilled young adults, no matter what challenges they encounter.

Talia works closely with psychologists, speech pathologists, teachers, occupational therapists and other allied health professionals to give children and families the best possible assessment and management of their individual needs.

As a mother of two young children, Talia understands the juggling act that is raising children. She reminds parents that to provide the best possible care for their children, they must look after their own health and wellbeing as well.